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So, this is yet another Kirby complaint.

Reg Enterprises located in Syracuse, NY is a distributor for Kirby Vacuums, SURPRISEEEEE! Of course they don't tell you that upfront.

I ignored all the red flags for this job offer I only went to the interview and the orientation which was yesterday and it wasn't until the first day of orientation that I learned I'd be selling Kirby vacuums...


> Selling Kirby vacuums never mentioned in initial ad for the job listing

It's basically one big trap, I can't find the original ad but it just claims that you don't need experience and you'll get excellent pay.

The lady even passed around copies of people's past checks I guess to try and prove that this job will actually make money, and one girl kept asking: "Are there any checks that show what someone made their first week??" and she just kept blowing her off saying "Well,I don't think so" or "'s here somewhere"

their first week??" there was something called the buddy program where if you got a friend to work and they sell a vacuum you get a bonus.

She also said to come dressed professionally which of course I did with out issue but half the room at orientation was in jeans and flip-flops ,she even went out of her way to congratulate everyone on dressing professional. She was demonstrating what the vacuum could do detaching and reattaching pieces awkwardly and there were two girls in the back that were extremely disruptive and loud through orientation, it felt like high school all over again.

When I went home I did some research and found out that everything about it sucked, they screw over their employees and the customers and do shady things like buy the vacuums for 800 bucks then sell them for exactly 2,399 with financing options. There was complaints from employees going months with out pay and complaints from consumers being tricked into buying an expensive vacuum with a loan.

My heart sunk and I was literally in tears by the end of the day and never gave her a call back between 8:30-9:30pm as instructed to "catch up" to see if I got any vacuum showings set up for the weekend. I knew all of this was too good to be true, they constantly promised 1,800 a month and vacations and prizes but it was all a lie and I wasted so much of my time and energy on this "job".

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kirby sucks my dyson will make the kirby look like a vacuum you buy at walmart if any of you kirby *** can prove me wrong but you cant :grin


Hey Ashley I think I worked with you.You were hired with that girl dyneshia.

That was a good job at first making OK money. But our employer wasn't a good employer at all. Maybe a good friend and the fact he naught us food all the time. But the job in itself was a complete rip off.

You don't sell a Kirby vacuum you don't make Jack ***!! I spent a lot of days working my *** off and getting nowhere!!! Working on cold blistering snowiy days walking door to door trying my damndest to get appointment for my "boss"... freazing my *** off.

And for what! Nothing!

For a boss that didn't give a *** what happens to you just as long as ur getting appointments and selling vacuums to make him money!No matter how hard you tried it was nvr good enough for Reggie!!!


I worked with Damon Owen and I know him personally.He has His own office in Maryland and is quite successful, and he worked for REG enterprise for only ONE YEAR..This is no BS.

This kind of job is'nt for everyone or maybe you just have to put forth the effort, I know I never really did.

Everyone says "think positive" well I was thinking realistically, I needed money now, not when it was convenient.You can make something like this a career, you just have to want it.


Duh Matt, that is what orientation is for, you to ask questions. Glad to see you figured that out finally, probably the reason you have been "screwed over by far to many jobs" I guess you live and learn


I started here May 5th 2010.I took it because I needed a job and they were hiring.

I have never been one to not work when there are jobs that hire. I had no experience in sales. I had always worked in restaurants. I did the unpaid training, seems far because most people dont have any work ethic anyway so why pay them to quit.

They afford some set pay for 1800 for the month. I thought that was weird, but after a rough two weeks I had made almost my entire pay for the month. I have been here since and I am current opening my own office on April 1st in Frederick Maryland.

This company provided my the opportunity of a life time.

The same opportunity that they offer everyone.Just because you don't have the will to try hard at something don't blame a company that gives you a chance.


i work for reg now and it is not a scam i made 750 my frist week just because your all lazy fat *** doesnt mean there isnt money to be made you ppl *** me the *** off go give it a try for a week you will make money *** weeds


Worked with Regenterprises, Great people to work with.Made very good money.

And yes you have to do 2days of training! it's unpaid, not very hard to do, I believe it takes two afternoons to complete. Not a long time. Company is not like cutco knives or many other sales companies that make you buy their products.

No investment except two days of training. In my training they even bought us lunch. Fun work, good people and will teach you great customer service and sales skills.

Great place to make good money!Try it for yourself


Thank you so much for sharing this I'm a mother of 3 whose been out of work over a year.I've applied to over 150 jobs & been on over 20 interviews in the past month The very last thing I need is some company wasting my time or playing games with my finances or emotions!

I've tried to make it a habit to Google every company who offers me even an interview (Thanks Mom for that advice) & thank god I did.Can't thank you enough


Thank you so much for sharing this I'm a mother of 3 whose been out of work over a year.I've applied to over 150 jobs & been on over 20 interviews in the past month The very last thing I need is some company wasting my time or playing games with my finances or emotions!

I've tried to make it a habit to Google every company who offers me even an interview (Thanks Mom for that advice) & thank god I did.Can't thank you enough


Oh! Yeah I was probably there with you Chelsea, I went to the one in Syracuse which is probably also considered Seneca Knolls, who knows.

And Matt, I encourage you to make a scene I'm a few days late though, hah.


I just realized there's typos all in this, and I'm sure Dan is a spammer. =P


Hey, Worked at that company last spring when i was home from school.Never lied to me, finished the 2 day training, yes training is unpaid(odd they even told me that).

After training started working tne next week in one of the teams. Had a lot of fun, learned got great work experience and YES I made money!!! Did I get rich? nope, I worked 4 days a week because of my schedule conflicts, my best week was a little over $900.

Stayed about 2 months then had to go back to school. Might even come back this winter after school. As far as showing off paychecks? Im glad they do shows people how much money new and top workers can make if you work!

Lot of scams out there but Regenterprises wasn't one. If I only did it for a week or just did training I wouldnt think you could make that much money eathier. Had a great time working with you guys!

Now bored at school lol.Give it a try for a month or two find out for yourself!


I was at orientation with u!was it in seneca knowles??!?!?!?

I asked that question!

I stayed there, they said they'd pay me for trianing.I didn't get squat and i ended up quitting.


I've been researching reg enterprises quite a bit now.If this is really the case, and she can't answer a few simple questions, I'll be sure to spread the knowledge to as many people as I can in my orientation group.

I've been screwed over by far to many jobs in the past few years.I can't stand watching it happen to everyone around me.


*** man.I go to orientation tomorrow.

I may just start a scene by asking way to many questions.

I'm glad I stumbled on this.Thanks.


You're very welcome. Don't bother with it, it's a trap.


Thanks for the comment. I was going to call them. I am glad I say this website.

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